McGuire to Introduce Bill to Protect Our Children From Predators in Schools

Bill will repeal House Bill 257

GOOCHLAND, VA – Today, Delegate John McGuire (R-HD56) announced he will be introducing legislation in the upcoming session to repeal a law that allows school officials to refrain from reporting crimes like sexual battery and stalking to law enforcement.

“As a father of five, I find it disturbing and downright evil that anyone would support a law that allows school administrators to refrain from notifying police when crimes such as sexual battery or stalking have occurred. Parents have enough to worry about when their children are at school, they should be able to have the peace of mind that when a crime occurs against any child, schools will immediately report that crime to law enforcement. That’s why I’ll be introducing legislation in the upcoming session to repeal this law and ensure school administrators are once again required to report these crimes to law enforcement moving forward.”  

The bill in question, House Bill 257, was passed and signed into law back in 2020 under Democrat leadership, and was recently brought back into the education discussion following news that Loudoun County Public Schools officials allegedly attempted to cover up the sexual assault of a student in a bathroom on campus, allowing the perpetrator to reoffend.


In October, House Bill 257 gained widespread attention when it was reported that two students had been sexually assaulted by the same individual at two different Loudoun County schools.

In 2020, Democrats passed and signed into law House Bill 257, allowing schools to handle certain crimes like sexual battery and stalking “in house” and not report those crimes to law enforcement. Republicans called on Governor Northam to veto the bill.